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“Over the last two months the ADINJC has been very supportive to those PDIs and ADIs working for BSM who have been worried about the rumours and concerned about their contacts. The lot of a driving instructor can be very isolated without the support of a national, professional organisation in the background and the ADINJC fulfils that role admirably”. – BSM Instructor

"Having had a fairly serious accident last year, for which I and my pupil were responsible, I was thumped with a huge insurance premium this year. I turned to Waveney, and they have been wonderful. Their staff member, Gary, has been more than courteous, incredibly helpful, and has gone out of his way to get me an insurance policy that covers all the bases, and even saves me a little money, compared to my existing insurance company.  I would highly recommend Waveney to anyone, and will be doing so from now on!". - Rebecca

“Smart Driving have been a member for almost a year now and my support on behalf of Smart Members is because I honestly believe that this non- profit organisation has a genuine concern for the improvement of our industry and in helping ADIs generally. No organisation is totally politically unbiased or free of “self-interest” but unlike some organisations who may be tempted to put commercial considerations or rigid political agendas before the best interests of their membership, the ADINJC are about as straight and independent as you can hope to get. This is why they have my continuing support. Their conference was a great success and congratulations to the team for such a great day”. - John Farlam, Smart Driving

“ Lynne, thanks to yourself and the ADINJC for your help. I had a very excited call from my pupil to say the DSA had contacted him and re-arranged the test. After all the problems we had with getting a date that was within his theory test date time you have sorted it out for us so easily. I couldn’t sort this out with the DSA so am truly grateful for the help from the ADINJC”. - Donna Williams ADI

“Having had problems with my first Check Test I was over the moon to receive a grade 5 on my next attempt. This was due to the training I received from the ADINJC who helped me when I was struggling. Thank you so much for your support”. - Mandy Dawson ADI

“ Lynne, I am in debt to yourself and the ADINJC when you came to talk to the group. You have saved me from being removed from the register and I want to thank you. You can use my situation as one of your success stories and I would gladly come with you to any meetings you attend to promote the ADINJC”.  - Association member,name withheld.

“All our members are very happy that I recommended joining the ADINJC. At a recent meeting the comment was made that we have never had so much information and so many emails, so keep up the good work. The newsletter covers up to date information brilliantly. Many thanks to all your committee especially as they hold down full time jobs as ADIs” - Terry Charnock ADI

“We are big fans of the way the ADINJC send out the information and the speed of delivery. You are doing a good job”. Blackburn and District Association

“Another excellent newsletter! Well done to the ADINJC”. - Dot Riley ADI

“It’s good to have regular newsletters, they are very informative and because new developments by the DSA are immediately communicated to members by email, it means we are always up to date with the latest news. I’m glad I joined” - Barry Smith DIG member

“I am glad I am part of the ADINJC by being part of Lynne Barrie Training. I get up to date news, an excellent newsletter and enjoy the meetings and conferences. I feel safe knowing I have a big organisation behind me”. - Kris Smith ADI

“Driving Partners Ltd have been members and an Association of ADINJC for a long period. We have found membership to be extremely useful, not least because of the expert resources we have access to. Attending the recent conference and other council meetings has been an invaluable tool to developing our business”.

“It is a privilege to be the Road Safety Adviser for such a progressive and pro-active organisation. Its first class conferences and meetings provide a valuable contribution to continual professional development for all ADIs whether they be teaching learners or are involved in other areas of driver training.

The ADINJC is an organisation which works for all driving instructors” - Graham Feest, Road Safety Advisor ADINJC and AIRSO Secretary

“After passing my Part 2 exam and then spending a lot of time preparing for my Part 3, my trainer advised me to book my Part 3 exam.

When I rang the DSA they told me that my Part 2 pass was not on their computer, I was able to give them all the information, and I still had a copy of my marking sheet and congratulatory letter from the DSA, but they still could not book my Part 3.

I then spent a month telephoning the DSA every day or two, continually being told that the problem would be sorted out within 24 hours.

 When I told my trainer about the problem I was having he passed all the details to the ADINJC, who he knew had a meeting arranged with the DSA, he said that he would ask them to raise the matter, but obviously could not make any promises about how quickly anything would happen.

 I understand that on the day of the meeting between the ADINJC and the DSA, someone was called in the morning to deal with my problem, I then received a phone call shortly afterwards as the problem was rectified almost immediately.

 I had spent a month talking to people in the DSA call centre and getting nowhere, the ADINJC sorted out my problem within minutes”. J.L. Birmingham